Hot Weather, Hot Band

Bleeding Through's reputation for perfectly executed metal has clearly spread through the masses, since the crowd they perform to at the Snickers Stage is huge. Despite that, a large portion of the people in attendance simply stand and admire rather than express themselves in more active ways. This isn't a bad reflection on the band however, for the heat is fierce and many people in the crowd are still bright pink from the day before!

However, Bleeding Through do not led this get in the way of their set and their performance is as brutal as ever- a vicious onslaught of fast-paced chaos that satisfies even the most wild of desires and feelings.

There's something so primal and true to metals roots running through their sound that makes them a band worthy of your time. Their stage talk sounds very sincere too- the reaction from the crowd is very positive despite the lack of movement. They are continuing to gather a fan base that will be very supportive of the band as they continue to grow in size. For people who enjoy their metal with a primal streak and a fast pace that also holds meaty riffs, Bleeding Through are going to keep you happy for weeks.