Packing Out The Second Stage

The Prodigy have been talked about all weekend in the campsite and in the arena. Glowsticks begin to appear on the site from the afternoon onwards as people begin to prepare themselves for the set on the Snickers Stage.

Heading over and looking forward to the set, I am disappointed to discover security holding people back from getting into the tent. The area surrounding the Snickers Stage is completely filled with people with glowsticks, beer, joints and strange clothes. Whilst Funeral For A Friend play to a moderate crowd on the Main Stage, The Prodigy cannot even see half their fans as they climb on the railings and cover the bank to the left of the stage- any hope of getting into the tent is slim.

And it's no wonder- The Prodigy have something about them that makes everyone like them. We can all sing 'Smack My Bitch Up' and everyone knows the words to 'Firestarter'. The Prodigy are played in such a variety of clubs over the country that it's no wonder the second stage is too small to hold those who are eager to dance to them. As soon as they launch into 'Breathe', the crowd goes mad and those who are just sat on the bank admiring find themselves nodding along before long. Other songs to make an appearance are 'Spitfire' and 'Firestarter', both of which receive a fantastic reception. Of course, it's 'Smack My Bitch Up' that really gets the crowd moving, but by that point the crowd has dwindled as people make their way over to the Main Stage to see Guns N Roses.

If The Prodigy had been swapped with Funeral For A Friend this could have been a fantastic set. For those outside the tent it was highly frustrating, but hopefully the band will make an appearance at Download again next year- for there are certainly thousands of people who want to see them again!