Best call 911 dude

The heat outside is ridiculously hot as Alexisonfire take to the Snickers Stage but that doesn't stop a good sized crowd cramming down to the front. The band tear straight into their opening number and vocalist George Pettit is on the go right from the off. Their brand of melodic post hardcore goes down extremely well and they almost make beards cool again!

The sound is great and the band use this to full effect, there is the occasional intricate intro but it invariably bursts into fast, intelligent hardcore. It's a compelling show as they whirl about the stage and is just what was needed to reinvigorate anyone wilting in the heat. Numbers like 'White Devil' are intense, driven songs that really hit home, there is plenty of interaction with the crowd and it seems that everyone is having a good time particularly when Pettit spectacularly fails to rip off his tshirt, much to his and everyone else's amusement!

Unfortunately I have to leave early due to clashing stage times but Alexisonfire have done more than enough to impress with a good stage show and songs that mix the frenzy of hardcore with melody and dynamics. Good stuff.