Hundreds and Thousands

The new album seems to have done the trick for Hundred Reasons as the Snickers tent is pretty packed and they get a huge reaction when they come on.

I've never seen Hundred Reasons give a lacklustre performance and today is no exception, from the word go they really give it some and the crowd certainly appreciate the effort. 'What You Get' fires up the crowd even more and the front rows bounce in unison throughout. The sound is possibly the best I've heard all weekend and serves to highlight just what a good band Hundred Reasons are.

You know exactly what you're going to get with Hundred Reasons; a succession of crunching riffs and massive anthemic choruses, none more so than 'Silver', which with the crowd in full voice, is nothing short of outstanding. The newer material blends seamlessly with the old and the crowd just lap it up. Today Hundred Reasons have energy, power and passion in abundance and prove to any lingering doubters that they are totally back on form.

'The Perfect Gift' is the only weak point of an otherwise excellent set, for me it just lacks the edge of the other tracks when played live. 'If I Could' on the other hand is phenomenal and rounds off the set in fine style and confirms that Hundred Reasons have given one of the best performances of the weekend.