Like Tomato Soup - so very warm

Lostprophets were lucky enough to attract the largest crowd today at Download Scotland. Obviously many people considered them to be the headliners, despite Linkin Park's official headline status, as after Lostprophets were finished, many people, well satisfied with the day's events, left to go do something better than listen to Linkin Park. Yep, that's a long list of things.

After the generic sample intro of the festival bands, Lostprophets crashed onto the stage and sweetly served up their Welsh nu-metal for the crowd in a pleasingly visual and aural way. Obviously, by saying visual, what I'm getting at is that many young girls undoubtedly have a fixation with Ian Watkins (vocals). Of course, Lostprophets clearly enjoy themselves onstage, with their plethora of musicians seriously going for it, and the crowd love to watch, as well as joining in, obviously.

Quite alike to the headliners, Linkin Park, Lostprophets also blend their music with a DJ, although this DJ, Jamie Oliver (not the one of Naked Chef fame), also uses a synthesizer to add even more to their songs than Linkin Park's Joe Hahn. As their powerful bass guitaring raged on, the two guitarists choked their guitars, forcing sweet riffs out of them, whilst jumping around the stage like absolute maniacs.

Ian Watkins was particularly on form, working the crowd up into a frenzy for many of the songs on their setlist. For instance, before Lostprophets played 'Last Train Home', Ian Watkins spent about five minutes demanding that everyone single person in the crowd jump up and down during the song, and threatening to stop the song if he wasn't satisfied. Thankfully, as the song went on, the crowd definitely fulfilled Ian's crowd-energy needs, and he thanked them afterwards, commenting often through the course of the set on their abundance of energy.

The final song was without a doubt the best song in Lostprophets' performance: 'Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja'. Before this song, Ian spoke to the crowd again and asked the crowd to set up what he likes to call the "Wall of Death". Basically, he split the crowd in half, with the two halves facing each other, ready to run into each other as the song started. This was done, and the crowd was left exhausted, yet so pleased with Lostprohets' performance.