Classic rock is a live and well

The Voodoo Six brand of melodic yet fiery energetic music has been compared to a wide range of rock legends, including AC/DC, Guns' n' Roses and Nirvana, but in truth this doesn't really tell the full story. There is nothing about them that suggests a grunge influence, however it is clear from the moment this band take to the stage that they have been inspired by the classic rock of the seventies and eighties.

Their fifty minute set at Camden's Caervarvon Castle was one rich in power. For a band who have been together for little more than a year, Voodoo Six are a very impressive live unit. You can't help but be drawn in by the confidence with which they deliver a polished, solid and direct show.

What is most striking from the outset is the quality of the musicianship. Any self-respecting classic rock act has guitar solos bursting from their core, and so any band wanting to replicate this, even subconciously must do the same.

Fans of the squealing, flamboyant, extravagant style of lead guitar playing will not be disappointed as every song has room to allow such a performance. This is impressive at first but before too long starts to become clichéd and you get the impression that they feel obliged to head down that route as if living up to the standards they've set themselves. Maybe if they weren't so raw they'd have more variety, this should hopefully come with experience.

The problem with the over use of the guitar solo is that it distracts the attention away from their other strengths, one of which being the quality of song writing. They have already recorded 15 songs for their debut album, and Voodoo Six demonstrated to a packed venue that they have the potential to make an interesting first record.

The band's MySpace page talks about them being complimented on dynamic stage performances. This small venue in London didn't really have the room to swing a guitar in an act of angry showmanship, so it was left for singer Henry Rundel to wow the crowd with his Robert Plant, Aerosmith style vocals.

With band's like Voodoo Six, it is always fun to play the spot the comparison game. The most memorable of these is the slower numbers, which scream White Snake at you so loudly it is impossible not to notice. It is a delicate balancing act which band's of this nature need to master, how to sound retro in an interesting and exciting way, but not going too far that you start to wonder if this is a tribute band on a night off. At this point Voodoo Six are just the right side of that fence.

The band are to release their debut album later this year, and have their first single due out on the 5th of June. They will also be a appearing at this summer's Download Festival. They must have been impressing the right people in certain circles as they have a support slot with Iron Maiden on their CV already. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over the next year.

To keep in touch with the development of Voodoo Six, check out their MySpace page