American Eyes on Thursday's tour

Wednesday night saw strange things at Portsmouth's Wedgewood Rooms, American Eyes were there supporting Thursday & what a strange bunch they were.

Just as the band came out on stage four cages with scantily clad women in were lowered, singer David Henry came out with a python wrapped round his neck while drummer Oliver Gold was juggling fire, which he then pass to the girls in the cages, who while the band were performing were dancing and fire breathing. Guitarists Brent Richardson and Michael Anthony swung their guitars around their necks simultaneously and through out their set David doing back flips any time he could. Don't ask me what their music was like, I was taken a back by the bands' stunning good looks, and spent their entire set just gazing at their beauty. Ok, so none of that is actually true, the guys asked me to say it to make them sound "cool".

In all honesty American Eyes didn't need any gimmicks to win over the crowd, musically and vocally they were very clear. They had a great reaction from the crowd after every song, and 'Radio' seemed to go down a treat, with everyone clapping along. Their performance had a great energy level to it, and the only slightly gimmicky thing about their set was David swinging his mic over his head. They only had twenty minutes to impress, but judging by the crowd's reaction when they left the stage I'd say they did just that.