Like Launch Wireless

The Like proved that they are the perfect band to appear first on at a festival. In fact they'd be even better at an event which involved camping, as they could provide the ultimate early afternoon antidote to the night before.

They opened the main stage on the first day of the O2 Wireless Festival with a set which was very easy on the ear, yet unremarkable at the same time. Theirs is a sound which has an air of psychedelia mixed in with nineties melodic indy rock, Belly are just one of a number of comparisons which might slip into your head when watching them play.

Z Berg, who looks like the sort of girl you might find in the OC, has a Voice which is impressively strong, and the band behind her is a slick, tight and technically solid unit. There's enough energy in their live show and music to just keep you interested, however the size of the event and the time slot did find them unwittingly in the position of background music for a lot of people. Maybe in a smaller venue the real strength of their music would shine through.

It can't be an easy gig to play, first on at a festival, and this was no different from anywhere else, as aside from a few genuine fans, the crowd response to this set didn't match it's quality.