Whippin' up a storm.

Basically, Wolfmother rock.

When their set started, Balado was bathed in sunshine and the sun cream was being liberally applied, almost as much as the weak Tennents Lager was being consumed, everything was looking great.

And then, not even 3 songs into Wolfmother's set, the clouds turned black and grey and the temperature dropped considerably, lead singer Andrew Stockdale was spot on with his observation that the band had worked up a storm.

Channeling a musical sound that punches between Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with the vocals fighting between Jack White and Robert Plant, Wolfmother kicked the heck out of the sunshine and bestowed darkness across the land. Remind us to thank them for that later.

For a considerably early show, the crowd seemed increasingly up for it and every thunderous drum beat and heavy riff, the crowd cheered louder and heavier. And there was a whole lot of riffs going on.

'Dimension' was slipped into the set early and its pay-off line was destined to be one of the main heard lines of the weekend, with it featuring prominently on an advert on the Main Stages big screens. Anyone who missed out on the band's set may just have been wondering all weekend who was responsible for that melodic yet venomous piece of music that accompanied their chips and small talk between the Main Stage acts.

When Wolfmother eventually called a halt to proceedings and laid down their guitars, the crowd roared them off, seemingly not caring about the weather, but being thankful for the set they had just witnessed. There has been talk and hype around Wolfmother but on this showing, it's justified as their hard rock set was a pleasure to behold at times.