Just another solid show from The Cribs

Good old Cribs. They're a band that seems constantly the underdog and battling against adversity but they never let up and keep hanging on in there. With the equipment playing up and a lot of the sound getting lost in the wind, it seemed that yet again, fortune was falling against The Cribs but their brand of indie pop and upbeat attitude kept things ticking over.

With 'Martell' yet again, proving it's a crowd favourite and its "Someone's got their eye on you...whoa-oh-oh-oh" section getting loads of the crowd singing and bopping along, there was enough excitement and energy to keep spirits up. Even when a new song or two popped into the set, sometimes the kiss of death during a festival appearance, the quality remained and only the wind let the sound down as some of the fans further back strained to hear it fully.

Having caught the band a few times in the past year, and given the hunger and enjoyment they have given to support slots and NME tours throughout the land, it was no surprise to see The Cribs take this festival in their stride. As a band they possibly don't get the credit they fully deserve, perhaps being written off as mates of The Kaiser Chiefs but they have enough great songs of their own to stand up for themselves. 'Hey Scenesters!' being just one of their greats and the yelped shared vocals again touch the right chord with fans and the crowd singalong started again.

You get the feeling that The Cribs still need a big breakthrough to get to a higher level but when it comes, you can be assured they have paid their dues.