You go girls

Dressed in black and bringing a sound as dark and heavy as that suggests, The Morning After Girls evoked some of this writer's favourite acts and came across really well.

Sometimes at festivals there is a mid-afternoon lull, the initial buzz and excitement has died down and the festival goer realises there is still a long day ahead of them to go and sometimes the opportunity to take it easy comes a bit too readily. Thankfully the promise of this band was intriguing enough and their psychedelic tinged fuzz sound was just what the good doctor ordered to perk up the crowd.

Chanelling the music of My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized's more upbeat moments and coupling that to a look and image that Andy Warhol would approve of, the set passed all too quickly and impressed greatly.

With Aimee Nash providing a counter balance to the boys' mean and moody appearance, her tambourine shaking and keyboard, along with the juxtaposing backing vocals, helped create a sound that was independent of whatever else is going on nowadays and will certainly require to be checked out further.

If you have a love for bands that push the sonic envelope and bands like The Warlocks or Spacemen 3 have you purring in delight, then The Morning After Girls will fit into your record collection easily. Perhaps a chorus or two more would have won the crowd over completely but as it was, most of the heads filtering out of the tent appeared to be nodding with excitement and satisfaction.