A pleasant start to T on Sunday.

Opening the Main Stage up for Sunday's activities, The Upper Room found themselves playing to an audience who were unable to purchase alcohol officially. An ungodly start time of 11.20am falls before the licensing law allows alcohol to be sold in Scotland on a Sunday and they may just have found themselves to be the first act to play to a dry crowd.

Well, it was dry in terms of the weather, but given the amount of booze smuggled in and most people probably still being drunk from the previous day's exertions, there was unlikely to be too many people suffering from going cold turkey whilst watching the act.

Playing tracks from their recently released album 'Other People's Problems', The Upper Room found their chorus-led pleasant indie fare being well appreciated by the crowd. It was a welcoming start to the day and a fair sized crowd had gathered along at the early start to take in the set.

A cover version of U2's 'I Will Follow' broadened the band's appeal and quite a few heads were nodding away at the track. The song was a fair representation of one of the Irish bands early hits, back before Bono had discovered the mullet, Mephisto and Mandela. To The Upper Room's benefit, it also added a spark to their own songs, which were quieter in nature than the cover.

Closing with 'Black And White', a song which has clearly gained some good airplay given the amount of people bouncing up and down and singing along, it's fair to say that the opening set of the day went down well and could have set people up for a pleasing day ahead.

Whether it did or not is unclear to this writer as the artist following The Upper Room on the main stage was Sandi Thom, and it was decided to get as far away from the main stage as possible. When looking back after The Upper Room's set concluded, the only thing coming over the hill to the main stage wasn't a monster but an army of fans who what they lack in musical taste certainly make up for in gullibility.

Praise be for the beer tents opening up just about then.