The Hedrons bring some heavy rock to T.

Keen readers of Room Thirteen may have noticed The Hedrons before. The band performed at the Download festival and by all accounts, rocked the place pretty hard and went down a storm. At Room Thirteen, we like to give the people what they want, so when The Hedrons were added to the bill of T in The Park, it was only right that their set was covered.

Attacking the stage with an energy and a confidence that other acts found lacking, it's apparent that the gruelling gig schedule the band have undertaken recently has seen them develop into a hard rocking machine. Certainly, the rock star moves and styles of bass player Chi have grown more assured in the past few months with the rest of the band being no slouches in that department either.

Forthcoming single 'Be My Friend' is scheduled for release at the end of the month and given the crowd's reaction, may prove to have some popularity. The track is yet another rampaging rock track with classic rock overtones that the girls manage to pulverise from start to end. It's already made Steve Lamacq's playlist and it certainly stood out during the set.

'Heatseeker' has already been praised in an earlier review of the band but the set closer (before a cheeky encore) showcased the band in full-on rock freakout mode with lead singer Tippi ending up at the edge of the crowd and nearly causing a riot as the crowd clambered forward to meet her.

With things starting to come together for the girls, with single and album release dates on the horizon, it's only going to get busier for this hard working and hard rocking bunch. At least they know they can handle the heavy workload, well worth catching.