How to make friends and influence people

It seems Mohair have been doing the festival thing for a dog's age, they've often been listed at events I've been at and for one reason or another this is only the second time I've seen them.

They played half way up the line-up in the Rock Sound Cave on Saturday, and drew one of the biggest and most enthusiastic crowds for the time of day. During the afternoon it wasn't uncommon to see a band play to a half empty tent with a few die-hards down the front and the rest just looking on with interest. Mohair however actually seemed to have a great relationship with the crowd, which before you even consider the music, made for a very watchable set.

Their style has a lot of classic British alternative music influences running through. At times it seems they've been listening to Jam records at some point in their lives and the vocals sound a little like Morrissey in a very good mood. Add to that an energy which is similar to the music of bands such as the Automatic and you've got a winning half hour.

They played through a number of tracks from recent album 'Small Talk', 'Life' and 'Disarray' among the highlights, and they gained many a new friend by dedicating 'Talk of the Town' to anyone from Guildford.

For me 'Small Talk' hasn't received the attention it deserves, and given that Mohair have a style which fits in well with current trends within alternative rock this is surprising. Hopefully by grinding out the festival circuit once again more people will realize what the Watford boys are capable of.