Shout it out loud, great show.

Potentially overshadowed by the later appearance of The Cardigans, Stockholm's Shout Out Loud's took to the small tent of Termina N and in performing an almost masterclass in festival performances, not only upstaged their countrymen but staked a claim for one of the performances of the weekend.

With an opening burst of 1980's chiming pop, the band was reminiscent of The Cure on uppers, such was the driving passion and melodic focus. By the end of the second song, the audience was buzzing with an energy and positivity with the front half of the tent clapping along with glee.

With the lead vocals of Adam Olenius carrying a hint of the aforementioned Robert Smith but with a deeper bass, the lead guitar seemed content to fill the gaps and wait for its moment to shine. And when it came, shine it did, with picked solos and crisp fretwork. The sound was rounded out with big drum hits and keyboard stabs as the tempo was upped further with 'The Comeback.'

Last summer's UK single induced mass pogoing and its simplistic chorus belied the clever musical backing.

With even new songs being warmly welcomed, the set was perhaps becoming too frenetic and it was perhaps unsurprising to encounter a mid set lull. It didn't last for long and the two songs may have allowed the band a breather before the big finale but it was a shame the set even slightly faltered. Then again, if this is the most of your worries then there not much to worry about is there?

Jolting back to life by welcoming on a guest vocalist and a song about Spanish girls, the set was back on track.

A key element of the Shout Out Louds' sound evolves from Bebban Stenborg and her multi-instrument skills. She may be hidden away at the back but over and above her keyboard skills and backing vocals, she also provides accordion and harmonica embellishments. All this and being extremely pretty, even by Swedish standards, it's refreshing to see that the band relies on her for her skills whereas lesser acts would have tried to capitalise on such a member. Hopefully with a push in the right direction, the Shout Out Louds can become better known than they are.

With the band appearing to have as much fun as the crowd, a largely consistent festival favouring show should leave the Shout Out Louds very proud of their evening's work and let's hope they get another crack at the UK.