Giving the people what they want.

With it being Glasgow Fair weekend, when the old industries used to shut down for a fortnight and the incumbents of the city would take a trip down the water or perhaps venture south towards Blackpool, it wouldn't be a major surprise to have seen a Glaswegian at the centre of attention, fuelled by alcohol and medication, bringing joy to the masses.

In Barcelona, thankfully the Glaswegian in question was yours truly but Bobby Gillespie putting on a rock and roll performance that Iggy would have been proud of.

At the previous weekend's T in The park, Bobby introduced the band and chatted briefly before the band launched into 'Movin' On Up.' Here the band swiftly get to work before their frontman had even readied himself. Ever the professional, he made his cue the delivery ensured a few lines would be missed that night, Not to worry though, with backing singers and a favourable crowd, everyone else was making sure that the singing wouldn't be missed.

Following on next single 'Dolls', Primal Scream are definitely back with a sleazy rock and roll track. The live version is shorn of the guest vocals of VV from The Kills but the "la la , la la la las" provided by all and sundry are sublime and get the crowd moving.

So much so that Bobby decides to jump down from the stage and go walk about and shake the hands with his people. Looking worse for wear and sporting a cut across his nose which later tabloids would suggest was a broken nose, the singer appeared to be enjoying himself but the security guards were not too enamoured as they rushed to get Bobby G back on stage. Brilliantly, the only other singer of the weekend who attempted to get in touch with the crowd was Belle and Sebastians Stuart Murdoch, as the old saying goes "You can take the boy out of Glasgow but you cannot take the Glasgow out of the boy."

With Throb still missing in action, his replacement on guitar, Barry Cadogan eloquently fills in and seems at ease with the band, such is his interaction with all sundry. Another element that shows he fits in his attire, an Argentina 78 t-shirt. For those not footballing minded, this was the tournament where Scotland truly believed they were going to be world champions only to find themselves destroyed by the hype, by lack of proper preparation and drugs. Its almost too apt and poignant to suggest that this failed attempt runs in parallel with Primal Scream and the only thing missing from some of Primals sojourns is a mass send off from Hampden Park.

For all that the talk has been of Bobby, the rest of the band were on fire, almost as if they knew they had to rise to the occasion to take the heat off their singer and ensure the crowd had a cracking time.

With 'Swastika Eyes' burning with hatred and fizzing with energy, it was a clear highlight and even Bobbys drawl of "American eyes" near the end of the song couldn't hide or diminish its ferocity. Another highlight was Bobby launching into 'Love Hurts', made famous by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris in between songs when the band was taking too long to tune up.

With a final one-two of 'Country Girl' and 'Rocks', everyone was having a great time with even those sat back in the amphitheatre getting off their backsides and dancing away.

With the last feedback ebbing around, it appeared as though that scamp Mani was going to get the final say of the evening with some rather crude gestures about the ample charms of some senoritas down the front but just when you get ready to write him off, Bobby G takes centre stage once again. With that cheeky boy Mani done his bit, Bobby shows some cheek of his own with a moon for the Catalonian crowd and off they toddled, hopefully to further enjoy themselves and revel in another rock and roll performance.