Relaxed summer rock

Glasgow's Cosmic Rough Riders took to the Radio 2 stage in the blazing hot mid-afternoon sunshine and played a set that was just right for the occasion.

Most watching them simply sat on the grass, with a small number getting up to move with the music, but given the heat I don't think the band had any objections to the laid back attitude of the large crowd.

Stephen Fleming has a relaxed, friendly style of performing, and Cosmic Rough Riders play a mixed style of warm, catchy indie rock with something of a country and folk feel to it. At times comparisons can be drawn to one of Scotland's finest exports Teenage Fan Club.

They ran through a setlist which included tracks from several albums, however their 2006 release 'The Stars Look Different From Down Here' naturally contributed a number of songs. Set opener 'Lost in America', 'It Is I' and 'When You Come Around' stood out as strong ones.

Others on the setlist included the band's first top forty hit in 2001 'Revolution in the Summer Time' and their biggest chart success to date, 2003's 'Justify the Rain'. However arguably their most well known song is 'Because You', also from 2003, and this brought the performance to a close. They gave it a cracking rock finish which sounded like they were playing with the idea of launching into the Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

Cosmic Rough Riders are very much a word of mouth band, with the word spreading such that this was a well-attended set and they're definitely one to check out if you get the chance.