Evile received one of the best reactions, if not THE best reaction, in the beer tent at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival. And in this reviewer's opinion, they deserved every last second of the crowd cheers and adulations. Because Evile's brand of modern day thrash was not only catchy but was delivered with skill and intent.

It was difficult to even get near to the front as the fans backed right up to the bar. Even with a sound that arguably had the guitars a little low in the mix, the excellent songs still managed to be hit home. Mixing a potent combination of old style Anthrax and Exodus, Evile had a locker full of great thrash tunes. 'Killer from the deep' stood out in the set, as did the ludicrous but aptly titled 'Thrasher.'

It was a short sharp shock of young, attitude ridden thrash without resorting to the extremenesses of scream/metal core. It was classic thrash with a modern twist and was fully appreciated by the packed crowd. Similar in ilk to Headless Cross, I find it a shame that these sorts of bands are appearing on such a small platform. If there was any kind of justice, bands such as these would be signed and supporting the likes of Metallica, Slayer or even Iron Maiden. But the music industry isn't about Justice, it's about money. But if you can catch these guys playing near you then I advise you to make the trip, it'll be worth it.