Still to be convinced

My review of Mohair suggested that they benefited from a small tent and the advantages of a packed crowd and sound that didn't travel into the sky. The Young Knives are the sort of band who benefit from this too, unfortunately at Electric Gardens they were on the main outdoor stage.

At Wireless there was a definite tangible energy and power about their set. Here unless you were down the front it was hard to appreciate this, and made it harder for the casual observer to get into what they were doing as they only have a couple of instantly recognizable tracks to offer to the non die-hard.

The Young Knives are a band making music that is very much of the current time, indy rock with a punk edge but in parts has a sixties feel to it. New single 'Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer), is one such example, and is certainly a fine track.
Hear it on Myspace.

Vocalist Henry has a great, classic British rock-sounding style of singing, which is one reason why the band have begun to make waves. However despite the fact that certain parts of the music press seem to rate them as one of the best new bands around, there is little to make them really stand out from the crowd. I don't see a 'Monster' staring back at me when I watch the Young Knives play live.

This band have V and Bestival still to come this summer, plus a full UK tour in the autumn. Dates here.
As they grow as a band they may well be able to pull it off on an outdoor stage, however on this occasion many of those watching seemed yet to be convinced.