See them now before they're massive

Having queued with countless others to try and see this lot at Camden Crawl in April, from then on Fratellis have been a band I've have been very interested to see how they develop. Electric Gardens in Kent is arguably their highest profile festival slot to date, and they definitely lifted the day a notch or two.

As with many bands at this event, fans who weren't expert on their singles or hadn't seen them live yet were relying on reputation when deciding who to see, and Fratellis had one of the biggest of them all.

Initially the tag of a Scottish Libertines seemed like a reasonable way of describing them, however having seen them live twice I think that is somewhat misleading. For a start they're more punky than Doherty and co were.

Their most commercially successful track 'Henrietta' appeared early in the set, and was one of the days highpoints. That said my problem with the Fratellis live is that at times it seems as if they're rushing, the speed of 'Henrietta' was noticeably faster than on CD, and there is a danger that this can appear a little ragged. However their loyal army of passionate fans seemed to lap it up.

'Creeping Up The Backstairs' is the other which non Fratellis fanatics may know, and this too is a cornerstone of any performance.

This bunch of Scottish rockers have their debut album due in September, and I for one am very much looking forward to getting my hands on it. In the meantime if you're heading to either Reading or Leeds at the end of the month, make sure you stop by the Carling tent when Fratellis take to the stage.