Does this boy smoke too much?

I realize I've drawn attention to the vocal style of Absentee before, but in Dan Michaelson they have one of the most distinctive singers to be found on the festival circuit in 2006.

Having taken the decision that the talking through songs approach of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan is the way to go, his gravelly and mellow tones can be heard alongside laid back alternative rock at Green man in a couple of weeks, with their latest stop for the summer being Electric Gardens on the 'Eat Your Own Ears Stage'.

Opening with 'We Should Never Have Children', it was clear that although Absentee are essentially a laid back band, there is more of a rock edge to them live. This makes for a more enjoyable set, although on occasions, Michaelson's vocals are so deep they're a little hard to hear amongst the guitars.

'There's A Body In A Car Somewhere' is one of the band's strongest tracks, and naturally is a highpoint of this set, with Melinda Bronstein's vocals providing an excellent addition.

The tent wasn't packed by any means, however this might be as much a reflection on the general attendance of the festival at this early stage in the day. By the time 'More Troubles' closed the set, those who were there and unsure at the start would have been converted as Absentee are a very watchable festival band. Their sound is better suited to the intimacy of small indoor venues like the Camden Barfly, but for a lazy summer's afternoon they certainly do the trick.