Watford win away in Kent

Mohair played their final UK festival date of summer 2006, and those who packed out the MySpace Stage at Electric Gardens were treated to a performance from a band who, after eight years together, seem to finally be going places.

This set, like Guilfest a few weeks ago, was met with great enthusiasm, OK so it seemed they'd brought a few fans with them from Watford but at least it proves they're a band people will travel for. The away fans had the honour of 'Talk of the Town' being dedicated to them.

If you're yet to hear Mohair, imagine a mixture of classic British alternative rock, a dose of funk, and some proper cockney rock n' roll, 'Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere' does have something of Chas and Dave 'Snooker Loopy' about it. Watch out for a piano player who should have Jules Holland looking nervously over his shoulder.

Maybe it's the years of playing in pubs and small club venues that does it, but Mohair definitely know how to give a small crowd a great time. For this reason they were perfectly suited to the MySpace Tent, as the energy of their performance could be felt pounding against each and every body.

Sadly their latest album 'Small Talk' doesn't seem to have captured the imagination of the masses yet, but for a small number of festival goers in this corner of Kent, Mohair were fighting hard for the title of band of the day.

This band are still waiting to be big, sort it out you lot!