Confessions of twisted minds

After eight years together and countless gigs Dear Superstar finally landed themselves a deal with Copro records and tonight is billed as something of a celebration to mark the event. Two hours before the gig the whole evening is looking doubtful as singer Micky falls prone to laryngitis and is whisked off to a nearby hospital. He duly returns with doctor's orders to go home and get some rest but this being Dear Superstar the show must go on and he's not about to leave anyone disappointed.

The Academy 3 is by no means packed out but a quick head count reveals about 150 in attendance, not bad for a mid week gig by a band yet to have an official release. As the band take the stage the adrenaline (and probably some good medication) has obviously kicked in, as Micky is unrecognisable from the figure slumped in a corridor earlier. He owns the stage from the start and gives a consummate performance full of strut and swagger. Dear Superstar play hard edged rock and roll very much in the Motley Crue vein and their eight years of experience shines through, they are clearly a very tight and talented band.

It's a little disappointing that they don't get too many people to venture towards the front but those they do get are enthusiastic and every song is greeted with decent applause. Musically I have to say that I'm of the opinion that they still have some way to go; they do have everything in place and there's no denying that they know how to rock out but I do get the feeling that they're still searching for that killer formula that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Whilst Micky has his stage presence nailed the rest of the band seem a little out of place at times and from a visual perspective there's not a lot going on at times, although occasionally the dual guitarists have a crack at crowd interaction and it's all the better for it.

Considering the gig nearly didn't happen at all it's a good performance that highlights why Copro took them on, there's plenty there to build on but I think they're going to have to if they want to achieve wider appeal.