Obsessive Compulsive at the Music Box, Manchester

Down in the bowels of the Music Box, the rock is certainly in effect. After laughing at the Scott Weiland clone in the previous band, the headliners Obsessive Compulsive, take to the stage. Obsessive Compulsive are a local Manchester band and have been playing locally and over the the UK for a couple of years. The band are about to release their debut album with a well produced EP already available.

The band certainly look the part, with wicked dreds, big boots and plenty of tattoos. But that isn't all. The band are the most passionate of the gig and this is reflected in the crowd. Throughout the night, the crowd hasn't been too packed but as I look around, there is almost no-one back at the bar; everyone is crushed at the front. Halfway through the set I was surprised to see a mosh pit. This is the first time I've seen this at the Music Box.

And it's no wonder. The intensity, volume and tempo of each song vary nicely with softer sections leading into rip roaring, trashy metal. The band had big smiles on their faces and were loving every minute of it, which is clearly infectious. Kelii's vocals initially seemed quite quiet but after that slight mixing hiccup, her full power cam across. Pete's bass lines are catchy and he doesn't play them timidly either. Jimi's drumming was solid and helped the whole thing come together. This band certainly has talent.

However, it was the guitarist, Giz, that caught my attention the most. This man can play! The confidence came across straight away. his presence on stage was formidable, with his guitar played down by his knees or vertically in a Slash style-e. With some nice tapping action halfway through the set and some skilful, yet modest solos. It was certainly a privilege to see live.

Overall, the entire band are very talented with a good sound. "Intravenous" is a slow track, with powerful bass lines, whereas "Perfect Wreck" is faster and harder. Throughout the set, Kelii's vocals are generally clean and well rounded, the only criticism being that her style is rather too similar, but this doesn't affect the bands quality too much at all, since she can hit the high notes confidently as well as the low.

The band walk off to a rapturous round of applause and are subsequently compelled to return to the stage for what seemed like an impromptu encore - it certainly wasn't on the set list. I felt that the band performed better live than they do on their EP, which I feel is a good sign. This is certainly a band to watch out for in the near future.