Putting the rap back into crap

When Kano first burst onto the scene, I thought we were dealing with a rapper who was creative, inventive, interesting and different from the norm. He has recently been nominated for a MOBO Award, suggesting to those who aren't too familiar with his work that he might be good at what he does.

What we were treated to was a bloke rapping over a load of backing tracks, nothing new about that, and some of which were hits of such high standing in their own right that you had to wonder if Kano wasn't simply hiding behind his record collection as he has no tracks that somebody at a place like V would know.

Rapping over Mylo's 'Drop The Pressure' sort of worked, but the highlight (for all the wrong reasons) was when he performed to 'Crazy' by Gnarl Barkley. His DJ mate would drop the music in the hope the crowd, which wasn't exactly huge, would sing back the word 'Crazy'. The silence was very amusing.

To be fair it was almost impossible to follow the words, which given that often the backing tracks to hip-hop music isn't especially interesting, should be it's selling point and so that was lost. At leas the music that Gnarls Barkley and Mylo make is worth listening too.

Maybe this kind of stuff works in a place with a name like Liquid or Icon, but to put him above Echo and the Bunnymen at a music festival was frankly an insult.