For Monkeys

Despite the fact that they've been around for fourteen years I confess that Millencolin are one of those bands that have pretty much passed me by. Judging by the sizeable crowd in the Lock Up tent however I am in a minority as plenty have turned out to see this Swedish band that began life as a skate punk band.

The sound is good and it's obvious that the band are on their game right from the start, it's fast, tuneful and the crowd warm to them instantly. They are certainly one of the best sounding bands of the day on this stage. They play a good set that keeps the tempo up, some of the songs are a bit obvious perhaps but that doesn't make them bad by any means. I really can't understand a word of what's said between songs and as such most of the song titles are lost on me but there does seem to be a difference between the older and newer material; the former coming across a bit harder and faster.

They go down well but the crowd aren't very animated, perhaps because Millencolin aren't the most exciting band to watch, they don't really go for it at any point. Towards the end it does start to get a bit samey but to their credit they pull out all the stops for a big finale.