Thoroughly Engaging

I have a lot of respect for Killswitch Engage, they're great band and great musicians. Tonight is a one off show and it's totally sold out; it seems like the entire Killswitch Engage fanbase has come up to the Midlands especially to show their support.

The band come out to a sea of devil horns and kick straight into 'A Bid Farewell', the thundering double bass drum kicks in and from the start it's a full-on, all guns blazing metal assault. Killswitch's sound is very heavy metal and at the same time melodic. They are really excited about the new album which is coming out in November and they play some new material, which sounds just how you would want it to.

The crowd love every minute and the hardcore dancing is a colourful riot of violence and never stops from the start; someone even throws a cuddly toy owl onstage and there is a shower of shoes.

Adam (guitar) is the main leader of the band he's a natural born rock star and is full of life jumping around and at the same time managing to pull off all his lead guitar parts to perfection. I really don't know where he gets all his energy from. It's great to have him back and he tells some amusing stories whilst sodomizing the owl. Howard has the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands getting everyone to sing along to 'The End of Heartache' in all the right places. Justin Foley is one of the best drummers I have seen live and he performs very well, I just stand back in awe as I watch his amazing skills throughout the whole set a rare change compared to most drummers.

They finish off with 'Numbered Days' and leave to chants of "Killswitch! Killswitch!" as every one goes home with a smile on their faces. This warm up show shows that they are having so much fun and leaves them in great form for the Reading and Leeds shows.