UK Metallers Kick Ass

Back in 1988 when metal was simpler than it is now, I bought a record by a band called Marshall Law. It was their debut album and quite frankly it rocked! However musical tides change and they were largely forgotten about, perhaps coming around too late when metal was about to go all grungy. Thankfully the core of Marshall Law kept plugging away and eighteen years later they stood opening up the main stage at Bloodstock 2006. It had been over a decade since I spun their debut album and I, like the crowd around me, stood more in interest than anticipation to see if this Birmingham five-piece still had what it took to deliver a killer set.

Bloodstock either has fans with long memories or Marshall Law have a small army of new fans, because from the outset the crowd were on their side. It wasn't just their name that demanded such respect, it was the quality of their performance. The band could well be a British Edguy when Edguy aren't dogged by crass humour. Vocalist Andy Pyke sounded excellent as Dave Martin and Dave Rothan axed their way around him. This wasn't some trip down memory lane, this was a band blasting out great heavy metal that sounds fresh and exciting. Their classics 'Marshall Law' and the awesome 'Under the Hammer' sound more relevant now than they did all those years ago. 'Victory at Last' showed their class as did 'God King', but I think the years of performing have given this band the professionalism and experience needed to easily win over a crowd.

It was a perfect start to Bloodstock 2006, they surprised even this old metal veteran, and by the fans chant of 'Marshall, Marshall, Marshall Fucking Law' I think they impressed many others. Let's hope they get the support they deserve this time around. On a final note, if you're looking them up on the internet, whatever you do, don't get them mixed up with the Marshall Law from Indiana who are truly awful. There's only one Marshall Law and they're from right here in the UK, Oh yes. Marshall Law MySpace.