Teutonic Germans

Not every Bloodstock act has an encore, in fact only the headliners are usually granted such a luxury, but Germany's Brainstorm earned their encore by being just simply brilliant.

The main hall began to fill and there was an anticipation in the air for the 5-piece. I myself was looking forward to their set even if I find their discography far from life changing. 'When worlds are coming through' kicked the band into their set and it sounded immense. It is a quality tune with a heavy groove that doesn't rely on keyboards or pace. It's a good example of why Brainstorm are a cut above many of the power metal acts around today. They don't have to rely on cheesy keyboards, armour, swords and all. Instead they have the confidence to play varied material with an assurance that doesn't reek of arrogance.

Singer Andy B. Frank has a great voice and is the difference between Brainstorm and many of the acts over the weekend. In the live spectrum, Andy's voice has an appealing edge to it, and I can honestly say his vocals are better live than on disc. He really raised his game for the concert, and managed to create a good rapport with the ever adoring audience.

The sound wasn't the best, the guitars didn't cut through but they were powerful enough, letting songs such as 'Inside the Monster' create a head nodding, hair wafting fervour. The band were professional and very slick obviously enjoying themselves for only the second time in the UK. The band played on, the cheers got louder and the end of the set echoed with the chant of BRAINSTORM BRAINSTORM!! The crowd loved them so much the compere let them play an encore to the delight of the audience. An excellent performance was only let down by the lack of available Brainstorm merchandise, I'm sure they would have sold a truck full.