Finnish, fiendish and frantic

Machine men hail from Finland and are the most professional band I've seen so far today, considering they are 5th on the main stage here at Bloodstock that's a little telling.

They have that indefinable something that connects a band to the audience and the hall responded in kind, singer Antony is a born frontman and with a voice reminiscent of Bruce Dickenson and Geoff Tate he can really sell a gig, this guy can wail with the best of them. Speaking of Queensryche, guys you should be aware that they may want their logo back yours is perilously close to crossing the line from homage to theft.

Musically we're in Iron Maiden territory from back when Maiden were great, fast riff fuelled metal and a singer bouncing about without a care whilst at the same time they hit their marks and put on a tight, great show.
They had timing, great crowd contact and like most of today's bands they had great sound, hats off to Bloodstock for having good sound in both stages.
A couple of stand out songs were 'Betrayed By Angels' from their earlier album 'Scars And Wounds' and 'Power Of The Real World' which was a new one from their upcoming album, both rocked, this band have a lot of energy.

Good show. Come back soon.