I could have sworn

Wow an upgrade to the main stage, these guys must have been doing high fives backstage, they were originally slated to play the smaller second stage but Tourettes Syndrome were stuck on an A-road somewhere outside Derby; pretty ironic to travel half way around the world and then get stuck 10 miles from the gig.

Anyway, I digress, Sworn Amongst took to the main stage played good old heavy/thrash metal and had a pretty big audience, at least at first, during the course of their set people started to drift off, I think I mentally drifted off a couple of times.
The main problem was that they were generic, I cannot recall a single stand out moment from their set, the playing was competent, the singing was shouty and OK but they just didn't demand your attention, there was the odd shaking head but lets face it,some people would headbang to a heart monitor, especially the bespectacled Bloodstock frequenting, maroon Wacken t-shirt wearing guy who just stood at the front for every band jigging back and forth on the spot.

Backstage, they must have decided that the best thing to do with this huge space was spread out, the bass player took this to heart and if he'd gone any further he would have been in the wings. They spread out found a spot and stayed there.

I don't enjoy writing bad reviews, take a look at some of my other reviews from Bloodstock and you'll see I appreciate good music and professional musicianship, but Sworn Amongst just got that promotion to a big stage before they were ready; in the back room of the Dog and Duck they'll probably go down a storm but out in front of a large audience they just didn't have experience or the charisma to make the most of their moment.

Guys it was dull.