Thrash metal, old style

Deadfall eh? The room was full even though it was the second stage and there standing front and centre was a very young version of Dave Mustaine, then they started to play and what came out was a Metallica soundscape from the 'Kill Em All' era - he even sounded like James Hetfield. Yes, we were back in 80's thrash land.

The pace is relentless with speed metal galloping along and furious riffing keeping the audience interested throughout, the room was full at the start and was still full at the end, that's a good measure of any band at a venue where it is very easy to just wander off and get yourself a drink or an overpriced burger. They played with conviction and looked like they meant it, with audience members bouncing around under a blitzkrieg of high energy metal.

If I had to pick a fault it would be that it all sounded a little samey, but that's not really a major concern as this is thrash metal, what do you expect. If you're going to play at 200 mph then your target audience wants to jump on each other in front of the stage not admire your song writing versatility!

Catch Deadfall if you like good old thrash metal; you won't be disappointed. It certainly put a grin on my face.