Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

Rather quietly, Hot Chip have been building up their name and reputation this year with their excellent second album 'The Warning.' Perhaps another release of 'Over and Over' is stretching the patience a bit but when the song is as good as it is, the band are probably right to take every opportunity to get it into the publics head. With a sell-out show in Glasgow, its clear the band are doing something right or perhaps its just the joy of repetition that is getting people dancing along to the band.

'A boy from school' kicked off proceedings and with its elongated intro fuelled by some inventive percussion, the song had the crowd on the hop immediately, with the tempo then rising higher with old favourite 'Keep Fallin.'' With a few tracks from the first album peppered throughout the set, there was something for everyone and although the second albums material may have a darker and harder edge, theres no noticeable change in quality.

Apart from looking back, Hot Chip also offered some new material, and although the names of the tracks weren't caught, they did manage to go down rather well. One track was so new that the band apologised for not having a proper ending to it but no one would have noticed or cared if it hadn't been brought up.

Not that the present is too shabby with tracks like 'No fit state' which had the crowd singing its chorus over the intro bars such is its catchiness. Even the band seemed taken aback by this, and when the end of the song came around mixing the chorus with New Order's 'Temptation', the tempo and buzz got even higher.

The beauty of Hot Chip lies in their spectacle (or spectacles in the case of Alexis Taylor) as the band look to be having a great time, and although they don't present a common image, they manage to knit together well and show their enjoyment when they're shaking their maracas or thrashing some drum sticks.

At the end of a sweaty and danced out night, there was only going to be one song at the end and 'Over and Over' did not disappoint. Teasing and stretching out the intro and repeating the "laid back...we'll give you laid back" sections only adds to the sense of fun and as it gave everyone more opportunities to twist and shout, there wasn't a complaint to be heard. With a brief pause and a final blast of the chorus, Hot Chip were met with blinding lights and a long and well-deserved ovation. With the band lined up to play at Optimo at Hogmanay, its likely many of the crowd will be counting down the days until they play again.