Strength in Numbers

Nottingham five piece The Starrlings have been getting rave reviews in their home town and have even enjoyed airplay from Steve Lamacq. In a nutshell they play up tempo indie rock.

They present a good front and on certain songs they really shine, 'Shoot to Kill' features good slide guitar work with well worked keyboards. They also benefit from good sound and having a good front man, the vocals are strong and he turns in a good performance in front of a small crowd of 20-30.

On the flip side 'Love Is A Curious Thing' is a slower acoustic number and doesn't have the same impact as the faster songs but demonstrates a variety in their material. Confident and assured in their delivery they are without doubt a good band but overall there really isn't anything special about them. They get an early afternoon slot and that helps but I'm not sure how open I'd be about them if they were last on after a day of similar bands. The songs are decent in the main without being outstanding but their presence may help them rise above other bands of a similar ilk.