Put Out the Fire

Manchester's Extinguish Her are an unlikely looking bunch but you'd have said that about the Pixies right? The comparisons don't end there, they have a similar quirkiness and the ability to rock out when required, all of which appear to be going down very well in front of a decent sized crowd.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Ellie they turn in a strong set that moves from standard rock beats to wild screaming without ever losing momentum. EP track 'Flowers In My Hair' packs a punch and impresses, as does a newer song with the working title of 'Touch My Wand' (I think you can expect that to change!), which features a huge riff. The longer they play the more impressive they become, they are a bit different and are all the better for it. At times they really do capture that 60s garage rawness but manage to keep the overall feel contemporary.

They finish to warm applause with a darker sounding song that comes in with yet another big sounding chorus, which confirms the suspicions of many here that Extinguish Her are one to watch.