Versatile vegetable

Local band Onions originally came out of Salford with their pleasant, melodic, upbeat indie. With the odd interesting keyboard part thrown in their sound is off beat and quirky with lots of falsetto harmonies and there's something about them that makes them compelling to watch without ever blowing your socks off.

The band clearly enjoy themselves and give a fairly tight show but there are a couple of very obvious mistakes. The arrangements are more interesting than great but the songs move along well and they go down fairly well in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd down in Dry Bars basement.

It's fair to say that the band image puts them firmly in the geek rock camp and at times they do have a bit of a Graham Coxon sound going on. Amidst a host of similar sounding bands throughout the day they manage to stand out and for that alone Onions are worthy of further investigation. Not bad at all but not great either!