Dressing Up Is Fun

It's been a long day of miserable indie so imagine my delight as I descend to the Font Bar to check out Liverpool based 28 Costumes and at last happen upon a band with some balls and a bit of grit. Sure there are indie leanings along the way but much of the material is fast paced, punk tinged and melodic. The guitarist has something of a twisted Angus Young look going on and performs with similar energy levels!

Stand out tracks include 'Walking At Pace Up Hills', which is more than a little reminiscent of Half Man Half Biscuit with a bit of Graham Coxon thrown in perhaps? Amusing and energetic, they are a breath of fresh air and mix good variety into their set with some well worked dynamics.

They do lose a bit of the initial impact as the set progresses but they remain entertaining to watch with plenty of movement and a succession of well practised face pulling going on from all members. The last song features well worked a cappella parts before bursting into a fast paced finale and they go down well in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd.