Lizard Kings

Gecko are another local band appearing on the In The City bill and on the eve of their first single release we find them holed up in The Attic bar. It's been a long day and perhaps that explains the rather sparse crowd but it certainly doesn't put the band off their stride. From beginning to end Gecko play as though they are performing for 400 instead of 40.

Blending contemporary rock with classic formula they produce eminently
danceable, energetic rock. The songs are strong and well structured and vary in tempo and style to give a good variety throughout their set. Front man Sam Bailey and guitarist Dom Farrell in particular never stop moving and help keep up the energy levels that much of the material warrants. The sound is good and the performance tight, Bailey's vocals are strong and he has a good presence, which all adds to the overall impression.

Not surprisingly the set highlight comes in the form of the single 'National Psyche', a rousing and catchy number that is indicative of what Gecko are about. I've seen a lot of bands throughout the day and it's good to finish on a high as Gecko do their best to revive any flagging souls with a solid performance.