Metal innit?

Manchester based Anvil Warface (now that's a proper metal name) describe their sound as "beat down deathcore", which should give you a fair idea of what to expect and unsurprisingly that's exactly what they deliver.

Stuck in the smaller of the two upstairs rooms at Jabez Clegg makes for loud but messy sound, which apart from a succession of chugging metal riffage makes it virtually impossible to pick out any kind of tune (assuming there is one of course). The performance however is the embodiment of lunacy with most of the band leaping off the stage and flying around the room at speed. It's totally over the top and it's quite amusing but after a couple of songs it becomes passť and everything all starts to merge into one rather inglorious mess. There are some promising opening riffs but the songs quickly degenerate into a shambolic noise fest with the grunting/screaming vocals adding little effect.

Even if deathcore is your thing you can do better than Anvil Warface on this evidence, visually entertaining but little appeal beyond that.