Your orders are to rock!

F.I.G.M.O turn out to be the band of the day in this festival of noise at Jabez Clegg. Kicking off with a great version of the Black Beauty theme it's a fun and entertaining performance centred around classic hardcore metal riffs. Keyboards and a solid rhythm section augment dual guitars, the vocals are harsh but tuneful and unfortunately are much too quiet early on.

The sizeable crowd get into it early and the band clearly feed off this as they give an assured and confident performance. Band and crowd are clearly enjoying it and both have the chance to interact with some great shout along choruses. There are a couple of slower numbers where the keyboards get the chance to come through more but the effect is no less powerful and it breaks the set up well.

That they are accomplished musicians is in little doubt and this is best demonstrated in the final song (which I think was called 'Unfaithful'), the whole front line of the band pulling off classic metal poses, bouncing in unison and just rocking out. Catchy tunes, great to watch and powerful with it, what's not to like?