Must be sale time then?

Manchester based End Of Season are a three piece outfit formed just over a year ago and in that time they must have played to bigger and better crowds than they get tonight. The turn out at Jabez Clegg is pretty poor, as is the sound, but they do get a couple of enthusiastic moshers for their set of melodic hardcore.

Reminiscent of early Husker Du in places they put in a good performance, the songs are hard but have good melodies and are delivered with plenty of energy. The vocals of guitarist / vocalist Fred aren't the strongest and the guitar work is fairly simple but it is effective yet at times it doesn't seem to gel with the rhythm section. After four songs there is something of a familiar pattern emerging with slow intros giving way to faster and harder riffs, it works but there isn't much variety and they struggle to hold the interest beyond the twenty minute mark.

Overall the impression is fairly amateurish but there is good potential in there and if they came over more as a unit the effect would be doubled. As it is they suffer from bad sound (which has plagued all the bands here today) and probably don't find the audience numbers very inspiring. End Of Season show promise however and if they can tighten the whole thing up they could be onto something.