Jet - Spring Tour 07

Saturday night saw Portsmouth Guildhall playing host to Jet who are set to be the kings of comeback this year. The first thing you noticed when walking into the Guildhall is what a mixed crowd it was, youngsters, men easily in their 40s, indie kids, and chavs (not good!) were all there to see the Aussie favourites.

The Blue Band opened the show, well I say that but apparently there was another band but I didn't see them and neither had anyone else I spoke to...very mysterious! Any way The Blue Band were good, great musicianship, good vocals, but they lacked any pizzazz and were boring to watch, although the bassist dance moves were rather entertaining, you could tell he thought he was cool...sadly he wasn't.

Jet arrived on stage at 9.30 and played an impressive 90minute set and surprised the crowd by playing 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?' half way through their performance, I'm pretty sure that everyone including me were expecting them to play that in the encore. Jet played a mix of songs from 'Get Born' and their new album 'Shine On'. Of course all the songs from 'Get Born' got the crowd singing along where as I think it was the first time a lot of people had heard their new material and attempts to get them to join in with choruses failed miserably.

Their new album 'Shine On' is a tribute to Nic and Chris Cester's dad who passed away during their time touring with 'Get Born'. If their dad had been around to see them perform on Saturday night there's no doubt that he would have been incredibly proud of his two boys.