You either get it or you don't

The Horrors are a band that it seems you either get or you don't. As they were on second they had a slightly larger crowd than Mumm-ra however on average more people seemed to enjoy Mumm-Ra's performance than the Horrors. This band do have something of a cult following which has in the past seen record store performances and signing sessions postponed due to the size of the expected turn out and there was certainly a loyal following down the front but many further back seemed to be watching on with interest rather than being drawn into the atmosphere of their 'dark' gothic, garage rock that at times has something of the wannabe eighties metal band about it.

Singer Faris Rotter came onstage to perform opener 'Jack The Ripper' wearing a black cape and mask, and holding a bunch of black balloons, guitarist Joshua Von Grimm's face was painted to resemble a skull. Although an interesting and individual looking lot they could do with getting clothes that actually fit them rather than looking two sizes too small.

The Horrors' debut album 'Strange House' is out in early March, but the attention on them has been building thanks to singles such as 'Death At The Chapel' and 'Sheena Is A Parasite'.

Their time ended with recent single 'Gloves', during which Von Grimm set about his guitar with a power drill before, as you might imagine, chucking it into the crowd.

This tour hasn't been without problems for The Horrors as injury caused them to pull a couple of performances earlier this month. It's questionable whether they will have gained an army of new followers from this show but for those whom this was The Horrors preaching to the converted this will go down as another top draw night.