A Lively And Exciting Set

The Mighty Roars cut a cool stage presence with singer Lara shimmying in high heels and a skirt made almost entirely from cling film and tough tape, a close relation of the band's favourite 'Sellotape', which makes an early appearance revving up the crowd with a frenetic beat.

While their record may have more of a surf rock tone, Lara's energetic appearance is reminiscent of an insouciant Debbie Harry. The threesome all take on vocal duties on new number, 'Red Line', a menacing song that was written on tour and it does sound a little drawn out and raw, but that's the fun of seeing a band with enough guts to pull more than album tracks out of the bag. Speaking of albums, we get a good preview of The Mighty Roars new album, 'Swine and Cockerel' with plenty of key numbers like, 'Kiss It' and 'Captain's Ship' sweeping the crowd along in a wave of pure pop-punk grooves that shuffle along like ants have invaded their underwear. An encore of 'Whipped My Bitch' finally gets the crowd swarming round the stage as Lara beckons them to come closer, the jerky, fresh melody can't help but to get everyone moving. The Mighty Roars have a confident stage manner that holds no preconceptions that they should be anything other than fun and this always warms a crowd.