An Ravishing Performance

The theme of anti-Great Britain is a prevalent driving force in some of today's most lyrically-funded flavourful music, and although it seems highly unpatriotic and almost ungrateful I have to admit that I am happy in a distorted way that good old Mr. Blair has made so many terrible judgmental errors.

Had it not been for the sheer arrogance of the inhabitant of Number 10 The Holloways may not have been driven to write so many songs about everything that is wrong with our country.

And tonight, London's opinionated foursome took the Wedgewood Rooms by storm as they throttled out a series of fast paced and rustically taut anthems of anti-Albion alongside some bewitching heartfelt songs about the second biggest problem eating away at the male race - the female species.

It would be a feat for The Holloways to open with a song other than "So This Is Great Britain?" The ironically patriotic guitar lick rips through the crowd like a hot knife through butter as we are all invited aboard the good ship Holloway to chant unhappy thoughts at Britain's shallow lowlife celebrities, "So this is Great Britain and these are our whores David and Victoria there's hope for us all".

It doesn't take long for bodies to begin flying through the air into the trusty clutch of tonight's friendly bouncer at the front of the stage. After three songs we see guitarist, Rob Skipper swap his frets for a fiddle as Alfie and the gang launch into the poppy left-right-jig of "Two Left Feet" and soon after the somber "Most Lonely Face" brings the tone down slightly, if for only a few minutes.

The unity between both Rob and Alfie on stage is a captivating thing to watch. As soon as they step off stage they become "one" as they lovingly share vocals and weave in and out of one another until unable to weave any more. Such close relationships are the building blocks of tonight's tight knit performance, and with such variable musical sounds and instrumental ability The Holloways show how these things are done. Chaotically and Sweaty.