The Longcut - Southampton Joiners

Manchester's, The Longcut are almost like magicians. Despite the fact that there are only three of them in the group they some how manage to conjure up a complete and utter colossal of noise that filled every nook and cranny of the Southampton Joiners.

It was an impossible feat to escape the scolding burn of every note that graced Lee's fret board as Stuart, in his unorthodox manor, was constantly on the move, either throttling his way through a drum solo or clobbering a tambourine while tacking vocals through such supreme ear-drum-busters as "Tried and tested method" and "Quiet life."

A little treat was in store for the people of Southampton tonight as the Longcut rinsed out the alarmingly lovable second song of their new single. Your local Ben Sherman coated clowns would have gone wild for the Loncut's take on dance-anthem "classic", "You've got the love."

To not appreciate the musical ability these three lads posses would be criminal to say the least. The incendiary and scorching organised mess that The Longcut create is just madness. But a good madness, the kind of madness that old people have, it's almost like an added, endearing quality.

They're sound is hard to pin point. If they would have hit the scene a few months ago a few people may label it "Nu Rave" or whatever, as patches of the Sunshine Underground's highly tweaked guitars and intense drum beats are slightly visible. But whatever it is the Longcut do when creating songs it is certainly something that no one else is doing at the moment.

"A call and response" should come with an instruction booklet. "For full effect play so loud that your ears begin to bleed."