Short But Sweet

The crowd rise and the main stage area heaves with people awaiting Megadeth. With such a huge band playing this low down on the setlist, it seems a little cruel they're playing under My Chemical Romance considering the crowd they have pulled. However, for fans of the band that the band are playing is appreciated enough and so when new track "Sleepwalker" billows out from the main stage, the crowd go wild and in no time at all arms and legs are moving in time frantically.

The band ploughs through their setlist, with "Take No Prisoners", "Washington Is Next" and "Hangar 18" effortlessly showcasing the incredible technical talent that so often lacks in modern day bands. Sadly however, talent is no protection against speaker problems and Dave Mustaine's instantly recognisable vocals are broken up slightly at a few points through the set.

Megadeth split the crowd in two, for whilst the older punters at the main stage gleefully nod their heads, younger rockers look bored- perhaps because of the massive differences between Megadeth and their modern day heroes My Chemical Romance?

New song "Gears of War" is another crowd pleaser with its delicious bassline and slightly slower vocals from Mustaine. "Peace Sells" works the crowd into a frenzy and voices from across the crowd join to sin along. The crowd are on top form, their guitar work dexterous and able to leave you breathless whilst the drumwork towers menacingly.

"Symphony of Destruction" is a set highlight unsurprisingly; its deep throated growling sounding like a challenge to the less seasoned bands playing at the event. You'd be hard pushed to beat a band like Megadeth at this time of day and those who were in attendance for their set were lucky indeed for the only thing wrong with this set was the length of it!