Very Fast but not so Dangerous

It's a major leap for Reuben as they move up to the main stage following their performance on the third stage last year and all the more impressive as they've achieved it off their own backs since making the decision to go it alone and set up their own label. They get a good turn out considering it's still early and they're the second band on but there are problems right from the outset. The sound is terrible, way too bass heavy and it spoils what should have been a triumphant moment for the band.

The first half of the set should have been perfect for Download with the explosive 'Blamethrower', new single 'Blood, Bunny, Larkhall', 'Every Time A Teenager Listens to Drum and Bass a Rockstar Dies' and 'Keep it To Yourself' following each other in quick succession. However, Jamie's guitar is too quiet, his vocals too loud and it's frustrating that those who haven't heard the band before aren't seeing the best of them. The real mistake in the set though is the inclusion of 'Cities on Fire', it's a decent song but it just doesn't work in this environment, it sounds too disjointed and even the awesome 'Lights Out' comes too late to save the day.

It's not all bad though, they get the core of the crowd at the front clapping along and the actual performance is as solid as ever with Jamie's confident approach showing that the grandeur of the occasion hasn't phased them. Around the hill though the reaction as they leave is muted and you have to think that a higher billing on the second stage, where the sound has been great all weekend would probably have served them better. Some order is restored when they play an accomplished and relaxed acoustic set in the Nokia tent later that day and the imminent release of their new album should see them continue their journey onwards and upwards.