Shout at the Devil!

Eight albums in twenty six years isn't a great return but it's well documented that Motley Crue had other things on their minds a lot of the time! Having sold over 42 million albums there have been more than a few raised eyebrows as to why they're playing on the second stage at Download? There has been no doubt in anyone's mind that they would pack the tent out and so it proves. They come on a little late, which only serves to heighten the anticipation of the capacity crowd.

They kick off with 'Dr Feelgood' and the crowd goes crazy! The sound is good but the view is non existent, the tightly packed crowd making it impossible to see the stage most of the time and even the screens at the side of the stage are obscured much of the time. When we do get a view of Vince Neil he looks rather battle scarred but his voice has held up well and he gives a consummate performance. Unsurprisingly the set is like a greatest hits show with 'Shout at the Devil' 'Live Wire' and 'S.O.S' getting the whole tent (and plenty outside!) clapping along.

The band have lost none of their swagger and with all the stage theatrics stripped away they come over as a solid rock and roll band. Nikki Sixx proves that something's never change as he informs the crowd that he's just had two sisters sucking his dick backstage! After a few lack lustre performances throughout the day this is just what the crowd needed, even if you're not a fan you can't deny that Motley Crue put on an entertaining show. Mid way through the set Tommy Lee goes down to the crowd and passes out a bottle of Jagermeister before engaging in a lengthy call & answer session, you know how it goes "I say Motley you say Crue!".

Newer song 'Sick Love Song' doesn't go down quite as well but is soon forgotten and there is little let up from the crowd as every song is met with almost ecstatic reaction. From 'Louder than Hell' to 'Primal Scream' and of course the biggest cheer of the night is reserved for 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. Their version of 'Anarchy in the UK' starts well but generates into a bit of a mess by the end but nobody cares by that point. They finish with 'Kickstart My Heart' and then spend the next ten minutes failing to leave the stage as Tommy Lee in particular can't get over the reaction to his call and answer chants, which go on way too long! Overall though a great performance from a band that I was expecting to hate, after tonight they've earned some begrudging respect. Fair play.