Boundless Beauty

Danish group The Kissaway Trail open the action at the O2 Wireless Festival today, taking to the Main Stage to a crowd who are mostly claiming their patch of grass, or looking for lunch. Luckily the band's soaring sweet sounds soon attract plenty of attention and plenty of those that are just chilling find themselves glued to the big screens.

The five piece's dreamy chiming guitars bound up in impassioned vocal cries have a spontaneous and raw beauty about them with pace changing freely. Although the music has a shoegazing charm, it's very much grounded with euphoric crashing percussion and catchy chords.

'La La Song' features some feisty guitarwork with a great vocal cry of, "Let's run away today"; it's definitely a strong tune that could take the band far with its ebuillent chorus of, "la la la". The band's appearance doesn't really match their rippling guitars or heavenly harmonies; they're clad in sunglasses and scruffy indie tees, but it's soon apparent that their conviction to their style is quite sincere so we can easily forgive them for this. 'Smother + Evil = Hurt' is a definite stand out track, its slow building grace and charming lyrics, "Where were you when the light got defeated?" could melt any heart in a second; there's more than a little of Arcade Fire's magic in here, but also the sweeping calm that Sigur Ros conjure in their wondrous soundscapes. It's a natural and effortless ecstasy that is simply stunning; if the tune has this much power on an open air stage, this band would definitely be a treat to see at a conventional gig.

The Kissaway Trail are the perfect way to awaken the crowd to the musical delights of the day; their live show is thoroughly to be recommended.